Writing Community Skills

There is no doubt that there are varying levels of writing skills online today. Whilst we concur that there is a basic writing requirement when it comes to spelling and grammar, we should perhaps sometimes put more emphasis on creativity and establishing a “buzz” within the content itself.

Content that boasts inspiration within a community and is highly creative is bound to travel further online even if the skill set is not completely there.

Web Content Review Services

When looking at web content it is essential to keep an unbiased view point.  The actual website content does need to be relevant to the service the company is offering and preferably have links to other relevant sites that have established an authority on the internet already. Some websites try to be very quirky with their content and really skate around what services they are actually offering.

Product Sales Online 

Remember, potential sales prospects may not like a “quirky” approach to selling products or services online, you would be surprised that people are really just looking for what you have to offer, how much it is and when they can expect to get it.

Keep is super simple, don’t go overboard with long descriptions about your products. Better to actually say why your product makes a real difference and the unique features it has to banish any competition.

When looking for a return on investment your content has to be top quality and informative whilst also being very direct causing the potential sales prospect to take action in buying your product.

Internet Marketing Original Content Sales Letters

Increasing your website traffic can be a difficult task with so many decisions to be made in terms of which direction to follow. Daily fresh content for your website is one of the best ways to keep visitors coming back as is a establishing some authority on your subject via an online community.

Quality web content can really make the difference between a website that performs and one that simply gets no visitors at all. Clear and persuasive web copy is the best way to get to your target audience whilst making your way up the search engine rankings.  Ideally, we always want to convert visitors to sales and do this in the most efficient way possible.

Sales letters or original articles need correct composition to be successful, press releases need to be constructed in such a way that the reader has an immediate interest and the item is newsworthy. Imagine trying to promote your business only to find that the message you are carrying is mixed and seen as self promotion rather than useful services by the reader.

Preparing to make a Press Release

A major question you need to ask yourself before making a Press Release is its overall purpose.

Here are some other pointers:

Is the Press Release to generate you more sales for your product?

Who is the target audience going to be?

How “Newsworthy” is the article?

Most Press Release agencies such as PRWeb have certain guidelines, among these is the requirement for certain styling and a topic that will be of interest to the target audience with some form of NEWS. To increase your chances of getting an article published why not look at other people’s published articles?

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Web content also needs to be accessible for people with disabilities. To explain how this works and the guidelines for development W3C make their recommendations for us to follow.

When writing web content it is important to know your audience and to know what will interest them. Here at EPCS we actively encourage the promotion of accessibility online. The promotion of accessibility has not always been considered first when it comes to writing articles or indeed web design and development.

Critical thought on web page content

Evaluation of Web page content

The Web is more frequently being used to find critical information in the most relevant format. How can we then examine a Website for the quality of information held within it?

A variety of aspects must be considered for true quality on any web page, including spelling, topical relevance, word count keyword inclusion and how fresh the content is.

Time factor: How current is the information on the web page ?

Relevance: Is the material on the web page relevant to the topic area ?

Bias: Is the information on the website misleading or impartial ?

Clarity: How clear is the information provided ? Are statements made without true meaning?

Valid: Is there sufficient data available to make a relevant point of discussion ?